The competitive advantages of Data-Driven Lead Generation for Real Estate

Data-Driven Lead Generation

We’ve all experienced this… the volume of incoming real estate leads is ok, but your sales team just can’t seem to close them and eventually frustrations arise between the sales and marketing team. Where one blames the other for not doing their job properly. The issue lies in the way data is used to produce […]

The ultimate landing page form guide for 2021

The ultimate landing page form guide for 2021

Multi-step forms outperform single-step forms We see multi-step forms outperform single-step versions time and again. We’ve tested this across various landing page forms. The numbers tell us that people find multi-step forms less intimidation, which increases the number of users who start filling them out and the number of those who complete them.   Minimise the total number of […]

Most promising web design trends for 2021

Landing page and web design trends

What is the impact of the corona crisis on web design? What will work in 2021, or not at all? What do you really need to think about when you’re working on web design in the new year? And which web design trend will really make a difference in 2021? Here at Immowi, we’ve already […]

10 easy ways to get real estate leads without cold calling

How to Get Real Estate Leads in 2021 Without Cold Calling

Whether you’re a listing agent, project developer, a new real estate business or a realtor with years of experience, it’s never been more important to know how to get real estate leads without wasting your time cold calling. You want hot real estate leads that are ready to make a move, right? What are qualified […]

4 delusions about lead generation you did not know

4 delusions about lead generation

The internet is an infinite mine for real estate leads and can be an exciting way to earn new business through lead generation. It can also be a difficult task for those without training, understanding or the tools to manage online lead generation. 90% of consumers are looking for their new home online. This is […]