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Looking for a new challenge? Immowi is constantly looking for strong (international) profiles to strengthen our team.

Young, innovative and with a strong international ambition

These are keywords that describe Immowi as a company. A young sector, which we are happy to bundle with young talent who want to give the best of themselves. A constantly changing sector, in which we also have to be innovative, creative and anticipatory ourselves. And a strong international ambition that we have fulfilled since the start of Immowi: Immowi is now active in 5 countries and works with several strong international young potentials.

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We are always looking for talent. Do you recognize yourself in one of the positions below?
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Independent Business Developer Europe
Your aim is to help grow Immowi’s business in Europe to become the reference regarding Lead Generation for Real Estate. Therefore, your priority is to develop and implement the global sales strategy to ensure revenue and sales goals.
Region: Europe
Category: Sales

Full Stack Developer

As a software developer you are part of the product development team where you deliver a crucial contribution to the development of the MyImmowi SaaS platform. Your development skills are crucial for the further growth of our company. 

Customer Success Manager

As a customer success manager you have a key position within our young and fast-growing company. You are responsible for contacting, supporting and helping existing and new customers

Performance Marketing Manager

As Performance Marketing Manager, you will help stimulate our international growth and awareness by means of strongly substantiated online marketing campaigns, content marketing and website editing.

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