How it works

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Launch a project

How it works

Do you have a real estate project you want to sell?

Choose your plan, enter your desired number of leads and give us some more information about your project.

1. Choose your plan

Here is the part where you decide your payment plan. Prices range from 127 euros to 249 euros for the use of the platform, its features, expert ad management and consulting services. This is a monthly subscription and you only have to pay this once a month, no matter how many projects you wish to create. Payment upfront.

How it works
2. Choose the number of leads you desire

How many leads would you like for this project? Depending on the type of project and the number of leads, the price per lead starts at €49 per lead. This part you can pay at the end of the month.

How it works
3. Create project

That’s it for the financial part! Now we just need more information about your project. Our Project Module guides you through this easy process and will ask for the name, location, price, etc.

Furthermore you’ll be able to choose your desired audience, upload photos, videos and much more.

How it works

Now it’s our turn!

Great! We received everything to get started on your campaign. Within 5 working days you will receive your personal lead gen plan and drafts on how we will generate the leads for your specific project.

Manage & Sell

How it works

Manage your leads and sales on MyImmowi. Check your account regularly as new leads will be available and will need the attention they deserve.

Immowi Assistance will always be at your side to keep you up to date and maximise lead conversion.

Lead Gen kickoff

How it works

Approve your customised lead gen plan or make suggestions.

When we are both on the same page, our marketing experts will start the campaign and leads will start flowing into your account.

Anton De Clercq Founder Immowi

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