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How it works
1. Choose your plan

Here is the part where you decide your payment plan depending on the features you desire.
With us, you are not stuck with monthly subscriptions.

How it works
2. Choose the number of leads you desire

How many leads would you like for this project? Depending on the type of project and the number of leads you’ll receive a fixed cost per lead.

How it works
3. Create project

Our Project Module guides you through this easy process. The more detailed information about your real estate project we’ll receive. The better the quality of the real estate leads.

Furthermore you’ll be able to choose your desired audience, upload photos, videos and much more.

How it works

Now it’s our turn!

Great! We have received everything to get started on your real estate campaigns.

What can you expect?

A well-thought out communication strategy and branding is not enough.

We develop custom messages for your target group based on data to make sure we are reaching the right audience with our marketing efforts.

The sale of your real estate projects have no meaning if you can’t find buyers or investors interested in what you’re selling, so it’s important that our campaigns reach those individuals through channels and tools like social media or targeted advertising networks which have been optimised around their interests as would be reflected by analytics research into other things they’ve done online such as reading articles about investments, real estate, housing market, etc.

A good campaign includes all aspects: from communication to lead generation to sales processes. 

Together, we look at where we can optimise and where we can set up marketing automation tools, in order to maximise your conversion rates and achieve your sales targets.


Manage & Sell

How it works

Manage your leads and sales on MyImmowi or your in-house CRM application. Check your account regularly as new insights will be available and will need the attention they deserve.


Immowi Assistance will always be at your side to keep you up to date and maximise lead conversion.

Lead Campaign kickoff

How it works

When we are both on the same page regarding the lead generation strategy, our marketing experts will launch the campaign and your real estate leads will start flowing into your MyImmowi account or your own in-house CRM application.

Are you convinced of our approach and would you like to start, or do you still have questions?
In either case, we are here for you!

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We are at a lead to appointment ratio of 35.5% after First Call. These are very impressive figures! 

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How it works
How it works