The answer to a highly competitive real estate market

It can’t be denied: the real estate market is very saturated and therefore very competitive. Not only are there many players, but all real estate agents and project developers use the same channels to communicate, advertise and sell.

Immowi offers a solution: by using big data and artificial intelligence, we attract the appropriate real estate leads for your real estate project.

Real estate leads

The Challenges

Real Estate Leads

Competition is enormous and the number of projects for sale is skyrocketing. This makes it difficult for individuals to keep an overview and make the right decisions.

Real Estate Leads
The same online channels
Google searches, display campaigns, social media ads… Real estate projects are marketed the same way by every player.
Real Estate Leads
Internal sales follow-up
Whoever wants to sell real estate projects must also be able to convert leads constructively into sales. This requires not only a strong strategy, but also a flawless follow-up.

MyImmowi, that's real estate leads tailored to your projects

The #1 lead generation tool for the real estate sector

Immowi uses a unique algorithm that links the characteristics of a real estate project or theme to the surfing and clicking behavior of potential buyers or investors. Is there a match? Then the interested buyer receives personalized online advertisements on the channels on which he or she is active on.

For every challenge there is also a solution

MyImmowi is an automated, personalised and user-friendly lead generation platform specifically developed for the real estate market. Gain insight into your target group and into the leads that actually convert.

Don’t feel like using yet another platform? Thanks to an API module, MyImmowi can be linked to any CRM system on the market. Easy and clear.

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What does MyImmowi do?

Real Estate Leads


unique characteristics

Together, we map out the characteristics of your real estate project and convert them into a unique code, compatible with the requirements of potential buyers.
Real Estate Leads

Who are

your customers?

By analyzing the surfing and clicking behavior of potential buyers and comparing it with the project characteristics in our database, Immowi knows which people it should target through which channels.

Real Estate Leads


supply and demand

Thanks to machine learning, the most relevant characteristics of real estate projects are matched with the preferences of potential buyers. The resulting leads are collected in your MyImmowi platform, which can be linked to your own CRM system.
Real Estate Leads



Bringing in leads is one thing, turning them into conversions is another. By giving you all the insight into your target group and optimizing workflows, Immowi helps you sell faster.

Looking for real estate leads?
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MyImmowi, lead generation and so much more

Honesty, transparency and privacy are key concepts for Immowi. By communicating openly and by sharing knowledge, we are fully committed to long-term cooperations with our real estate partners.
Real Estate Leads

Lead generation

Real Estate Leads

Sales management

Real Estate Leads

Contact management

Real Estate Leads

Marketing activities

Real Estate Leads

Lead capturing

Real Estate Leads

Customer support

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