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The Real Estate market is a competitive and hard environment. A tough place to catch the eye of your potential customers. Partly because all parties resort to the same online channels.

But with our powerful and proven solutions we connect you to your ideal buyer. We serve top-quality real estate leads based on Big data and Artificial Intelligence. 

Real estate leads

Today's Challenges

Real Estate Leads


Real Estate Market

We cannot go around it, there is an oversupply on the real estate market. An abundance of real estate is for sale and there is a lot of competition on the market.

Real Estate Leads

Same Online


Real estate projects are being marketed in the same way by all real estate players, using the known real estate platforms, Google search, display campaigns, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, etc.
Real Estate Leads

Handling leads


If companies want to earn their coffee, they have to convert their leads to sales, and that requires a comprehensive perspective, a well-informed strategy and proper training, among other things.

A proven lead generation approach, now fully automated.

Our Solutions

Immowi has developed a unique algorithm that connects the characteristics of a real estate project or real estate theme with the surfing and clicking behaviour of a person who is looking to buy or invest in real estate.

Is there a match? Then the interested buyer gets to see personalised online banner ads on the online channels he or she is most active on.

Immowi is the first and only company specifically designed to provide products and services that make purchasing or investing in real estate easier.

Real Estate Leads


Real Estate Project

We characterize the most important aspects of your Real Estate projects and convert them into a unique code.

Real Estate Leads


Know your Customer

We analyse the surfing and clicking behaviour of potential buyers and compare it with the data in our existing database, so that we know who to reach and on which channels.

Real Estate Leads


Supply and demand

Machine learning finds the perfect match between the characteristics of your projects and the preferences of potential buyers. The lead data is delivered to you in the way you prefer. 

Real Estate Leads


MyImmowi Assistance

We will help you convert your real estate leads, by providing you with all the insights about your target group and optimise workflows. So you’ll be able to sell quicker.

Our Platform

MyImmowi is an automated, personalized and user-friendly Lead Generation platform for the Real Estate market. Developed to get more insights into your real estate target group and real estate leads. It can be connected to any CRM on the market for optimal data flow, data insights and marketing automations. 

Seamless integration with your in-house software

Are you already using a CRM package?
No more cutting and pasting! MyImmowi comes with an API-module that directly connects your in-house software.

Let's boost conversion!

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Great Results!

We are at a lead to appointment ratio of 35.5% after First Call. These are very impressive figures! 

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Real Estate Leads
Real Estate Leads

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