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Why Your Real Estate Company Needs a Data-Driven Lead Generation Strategy

real estate lead generation strategy

We’ve all experienced this… the volume of incoming real estate leads is ok, but your sales team just can’t seem to close them and eventually frustrations arise between the sales and marketing team. Where one blames the other for not doing their job properly. The issue lies in the way data is used to produce revenue, starting with high-quality lead generation.


Let me introduce you to the competitive advantages of Data-Driven Lead Generation for Real Estate using MyImmowi.

Real estate is a competitive industry, and it’s been that way for centuries. Whether you’re an agent or a broker, it can be tough to find your footing in the business as competition grows and customer expectations change. But what if I told you there was one strategy that could help you generate more quality leads than any other?

Real estate is a competitive industry, and it’s been that way for centuries. Whether you’re an agent or a broker, it can be tough to find your footing in the business as competition grows and customer expectations change. But what if I told you there was one strategy that could help you generate more quality leads than any other?

How lead generation can lead to success

The real estate industry is changing. It’s not just about who has the best listings anymore, it’s also about who has the most real estate leads. This shift in expectations means that as a lead generator you need to think of your job more broadly and strategically than ever before – you’re no longer simply working to create leads, you’re working to create opportunity. 

Lead generation is an essential part of the lead management process. It is what brings potential customers to you, and it is how these leads are nurtured into future buyers that will ensure success or not.

The most effective lead gen campaigns leverage digital marketing tactics in tandem with traditional advertising methods like phone calls or flyers – not one exclusively.

The best lead generators know that their focus should be on lead generation, not lead management. Lead Generation is what gets you more leads. Lead management ensures the ultimate conversion. The last is mainly in the hands of the sales team

If your lead gen strategy isn’t producing results, it’s time to invest in a new one. That doesn’t mean spending more money or taking extra hours out of your day – it means investing in something better by having it examined by a third party who looks at it from a different angle. This often produces very interesting insights.

Quality Over Quantity

There are a lot of lead generators out there, and the thing they all have in common is that they’re able to generate lots of leads. But as anyone who’s tried them knows: quantity does not necessarily equal quality.

Anyone can start generating 100’th leads a day using Facebook Lead Form campaigns. But we all know that there will be a lot of junk among them. This will only lead to frustration and is a waste of your valuable time.

This means you need to be very selective about where your lead generation comes from if you want it to do two things:

  • lead to more deals, and
  • lead to a higher ROI.

We’ve already listed 10 easy ways to generate real estate leads without constantly having to cold-call.

Project & Brand Engagement

Have your prospects engaged with your real estate project or brand?

What do you mean by “engage” I hear you say. 

Engagement means that potential buyers understand and support the story you are telling. On the one hand, you have the project and the experience you are building around this real estate project and, on the other hand, the story you want to bring as a brand.

Project engagement can be created by highlighting the assets the project has, project branding. Location, the services and utilities around it and the facilities available are just a few themes. This can vary greatly from project to project, but try to create a line in this. 

Brand engagement is strongly linked to branding and should be the same everywhere and always. Uniformity and recognisability are very important. 

So, if you notice that this is not yet the case or not enough, don’t worry! 

But then it is time to start a lead nurturing campaign.

Lead Nurturing

What is lead nurturing? 

Lead nurturing is a marketing technique that helps you to activate leads and customers so that they come closer to achieving a specific objective. 

In concrete terms, this definition means that you get all the people who have downloaded your content offer to take the next step in the decision-making process. How do you do that? By sending them an e-mail with a new call-to-action, for example.

There are several ways to do this:

  • Social Media Nurturing: you send everyone who has taken a certain action a certain message on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or another platform. By using retargetting ads.

  • Sales follow-up: after a certain action, you have someone from the sales department email or call a lead to follow up on it, or you set up a personal face-to-face meeting.

  • Automated lead nurturing: follow up a lead or a customer in a fully automated way after a certain action by means of E-mail marketing automation tools such as ActiveCampaign or Mailchimp.

It is mainly the latter option that can help you generate maximum impact with limited time and resources. Because here you can also analyse the click behaviour.

Lead Generation, Data Analytics & Marketing Campaigns

In order to build the right lead generation approach for you as a project developer or real estate agent, you’ll need to be able to provide usable data. It is crucial to gather accurate, relevant marketing and sales data. Which can help drive your analysis.

We need to understand how lead generation can lead to successful real estate marketing campaigns.

It’s not enough for you and your team to simply create leads, which is why a data-driven approach is key.

Your lead generation strategy should be centered on the insights that come from analyzing people who are searching online as potential prospects for your real estate projects.

How MyImmowi helps you Improve your lead generation?

Data-driven lead generation is a key strategy for any real estate company looking to succeed in today’s competitive market. But the problem with traditional lead generation methods (website forms, referral campaigns) is that they lack depth and understanding of individual customer needs.

Read about 
the competitive advantage of a data-driven lead generation here. 

That’s why lead generation is so much more effective when it’s tailored to individual needs. MyImmowi provides real estate agents and brokers with a lead generating platform that leverages AI technology, allowing them to connect more effectively with the right customers based on their specific interests. This way, lead generators can focus on what they do best – selling real estate!

MyImmowi has created the perfect lead generation strategy for real estate brokers that combines AI with human intelligence in order to provide one of the highest quality lead generation experiences available – guaranteeing success.

To see all the lead generating benefits of MyImmowi and find out why lead generation is so important for any real estate agent register her.

Immowi Assistance

There is often an invisible wall between marketing and sales. Companies invest in marketing campaigns to generate leads, but do not take the right actions to turn those leads into customers. To remedy this shortcoming, the strategic online lead generator Immowi is adding a new extension: Immowi Assistance. Until now, we delivered high quality leads thanks to online marketing, but with Immowi Assistance we significantly increase the chance of these leads actually becoming customers. Thanks to this approach, companies that do business with us know how to convert their leads and have a platform where the leads are offered on a silver platter, ready to be converted into valuable customers.
Extremely result-oriented
We could make it easy on ourselves and be happy with just bringing in high-quality leads. But it’s frustrating when your hard work doesn’t follow through. Immowi’s great strength has always been that we are very results-oriented. Many marketers have a reputation for selling hot air, because they can’t substantiate their returns. We did that right from the start, and that’s why we were able to grow from one to more than 10 full-time employees in a very short period of time.
With MyImmowi we just go one step further than what classic lead generators do. We go to the point where a lead becomes a valuable prospect. We help our customers convert their leads into customers.
Entrepreneurial mindset always in mind
MyImmowi builds the bridge between marketing and sales. We Make it as easy as possible for the client to contact the lead. You have to keep them warm. If you let a few days or even weeks pass between the moment a lead shows interest in your product and the moment you contact that lead, you will lose him. Then your success ratio will remain low. So, we try to immediately set an appointment in the diaries of our clients’ salespeople. You have to strike while the iron is hot.
Letting sales people do what they do best
Sales people like to sell, but they thoroughly hate administration. They keep track of their leads, their appointments and their deals in Excel, or even with pen and paper. They only keep track of their own prospects. Many companies do not have a sales pipeline. So, you risk sending a quotation to a customer after a successful meeting, but ultimately missing the customer because you forgot to follow up on the quotation. You’re almost done, but because of the lack of a decent digital process you miss out on a customer – and therefore also on turnover.
We pick the low-hanging fruit for our customers. We automate the entire process from lead to customer, and put it into one clear dashboard. This way, as a business manager, you can follow everything from A to Z. How many leads does a campaign produce? How many of those leads drop out along the way? How many become customers? What stage is each lead in? The personnel cost of sales people is very high in many companies. If sales people do not lose time calling leads and recording appointments – which we do – they can focus on what they are really good at. And that is still selling, closing deals.
Measuring ROI to the euro
We bring marketing and sales under one roof. That way, you can make your campaigns much more effective. Imagine that your campaigns for one brand on Facebook and on Google both generate 10 leads, but that 8 of those 10 Facebook leads become customers and only 2 of those 10 Google leads. If you’re purely marketing, you won’t get that information and so you’ll continue to put the same amount of effort into Facebook and Google.
If you also include the sales part and you do get that information, then you can turn the right buttons, redirect your budgets and generate much more turnover.