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The competitive advantages of Data-Driven Lead Generation for Real Estate

Data-Driven Lead Generation

We’ve all experienced this… the volume of incoming real estate leads is ok, but your sales team just can’t seem to close them and eventually frustrations arise between the sales and marketing team. Where one blames the other for not doing their job properly.

The issue lies in the way data is used to produce revenue – starting with high-quality lead generation.


Let me introduce you to the competitive advantages of Data-Driven Lead Generation for Real Estate using MyImmowi.

Where it all goes wrong..

At the launch of a new real estate project, every project developer or real estate agent is wildly enthusiastic. Meetings are held to work everything out to the last detail and finally the online lead generation campaign is launched.

The first real estate leads roll in so rapidly that it is almost impossible to manage the flow.

There is euphoria in the whole company!

But in the end, the sales do not follow…

Euphoria turns into frustration

Instead of taking a closer look at their broken marketing funnel and analysing where, exactly, their real estate leads are drop off.. 

These project developers or real estate agents pull out their credit card and expand the campaign to an even wider audience. With the idea that more leads are needed to succeed.

They fall prey to the all-too-common misconception that you should be marketing your real estate project to as many people as you can..

However, this “reckless” marketing approach won’t bear any fruit if 99% of the people that are coming across your real estate project are not your ideal buyer!

Sure – you’ll be reaching more potential buyers overall. But that doesn’t actually solve the problem you had in the first place. Your conversion rate is still low and your CPL is way too high.

The solution is there for the taking.. Get insight into your data!

Quality Over Quantity

This is exactly where data-driven lead generation is so important.

Rather than focusing on reaching more potential buyers, this methodology helps focusing on the right kind of people. Your ideal ta

rget group.

Data-driven lead generation focuses on leveraging sales and marketing data to focus on the quality of leads over quantity. This is an extremely important concept.

Data-driven lead generation is Power

Data gives you knowledge. Gives you insights. Your marketing strategy becomes even more powerful if you have the right information in your hands. Armed with that information, you can create a scalable marketing process that can be repeated and can run on auto-pilot.

As a result, you have more time, allowing you to focus more to do what you are really good at. Selling real estate!

The sad truth, however, is only a few marketers can use data effectively.

However, here’s the good news: MyImmowi takes care of this.

How does it work? 

The competitive advantages of Data-Driven Lead Generation for Real Estate

Lead Generation, Data Analytics & Marketing Campaigns

In order to build the right lead generation approach for you as a project developer or real estate agent, you’ll need to be able to provide usable data. It is crucial to gather accurate, relevant marketing and sales data. Which can help drive your analysis.

Useful examples are:

  • How old is my average buyer?
  • On which online channels is your target group most active?
  • How far does this buyer live from your real estate project expressed in a radius?
  • What is the budget of your target group?
  • Is there a line in the buyers’ expectations of available facilities?
  • Are they end users or rather investors?
  • Do they click through the most on interior or exterior photos of your real estate project?

This data can then help generate insights and prove or disprove your hypothesis of whether a specific strategy could work.

With data analytics, you can focus on understanding the different attributes of your target group and developing personalised online marketing campaigns.

Good Data-Driven Lead Generation Is Unbiased Data

But here’s the real beauty of data-driven lead generation:
Data is always unbiased.

Engage & Nurture

Have your prospects engaged with your project?

If so, are you nurturing them?

Tracking and analyzing a prospect’s interaction with your real estate marketing campaigns is crucial to identifying their possibilities of becoming a qualified lead. Once you have identified how they have interacted with your campaigns, you can create a nurturing strategy.

Why are engagement and nurturing so important for generating qualified Real Estate leads?

We will explain this by means of an example.

You, as a project developer or real estate agent, are selling a high-end project and are running a Facebook ad promoting the launch of the penthouse. The people who will click on this sponsored ad are likely to be looking at buying a penthouse and would like more information. These website visitors, who have landed on your project page, are the ones who can become a potential buyer. Here, you have identified their intrest. You can again filter them to get visiters-specific content, by adding specific questions to the landingpage form. Such as budget, the number of bedrooms, when do they want to visit the real estate project, … 

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In this way, you can convert them from unknown prospect to known potential real estate buyer lead. You need to connect the dots with your data around each of these dimensions to define the highest value leads and to differentiate between soft leads and hot leads.

Personalised email marketing campaigns are then the next step. We prefer using ActiveCampaign, because of there wide range of marketing automation possibilities. Another great self-hosted email marketing platform, when using Laravel as a php framework, is Mailcoach. We’ve integrated this in our own Data-Driven Lead Generation Platform.

It’s Time To Start Putting Data To Work For You Now


Do you see no way to start?

Then we may have a solution..


Immowi is a Proptech company that offers an answer to the inefficiency in matching buyers and sellers in the real estate sector with its unique approach.

As a data and software company, we specialize in generating real estate leads. Our unique data-driven lead generation approach matches the characteristics of your real estate project with the online surfing and clicking behaviour of a person looking to buy real estate. Are there similarities? Then this person is shown personalised online advertising on the channels he or she is most active on.

This process is fully automated in our own developed MyImmowi platform.

MyImmowi was developed to give marketing managers more insight into the data that is collected, so that analyses can be carried out and internal offline and online marketing actions can be adjusted. More specifically, the customer receives insights regarding demographics, geolocation, interests, online channels used, budgets, etc. 

On the other hand, MyImmowi is a handy tool for the sales team because the received leads can be followed up in a very simple and clear way. Since success is highly dependent on proper follow-up, we also want to offer the necessary support to them by means of alerts, handy tips and tricks and built-in automations.

Immowi Assistance

There is often an invisible wall between marketing and sales. Companies invest in marketing campaigns to generate leads, but do not take the right actions to turn those leads into customers. To remedy this shortcoming, the strategic online lead generator Immowi is adding a new extension: Immowi Assistance. Until now, we delivered high quality leads thanks to online marketing, but with Immowi Assistance we significantly increase the chance of these leads actually becoming customers. Thanks to this approach, companies that do business with us know how to convert their leads and have a platform where the leads are offered on a silver platter, ready to be converted into valuable customers.
Extremely result-oriented
We could make it easy on ourselves and be happy with just bringing in high-quality leads. But it’s frustrating when your hard work doesn’t follow through. Immowi’s great strength has always been that we are very results-oriented. Many marketers have a reputation for selling hot air, because they can’t substantiate their returns. We did that right from the start, and that’s why we were able to grow from one to more than 10 full-time employees in a very short period of time.
With MyImmowi we just go one step further than what classic lead generators do. We go to the point where a lead becomes a valuable prospect. We help our customers convert their leads into customers.
Entrepreneurial mindset always in mind
MyImmowi builds the bridge between marketing and sales. We Make it as easy as possible for the client to contact the lead. You have to keep them warm. If you let a few days or even weeks pass between the moment a lead shows interest in your product and the moment you contact that lead, you will lose him. Then your success ratio will remain low. So, we try to immediately set an appointment in the diaries of our clients’ salespeople. You have to strike while the iron is hot.
Letting sales people do what they do best
Sales people like to sell, but they thoroughly hate administration. They keep track of their leads, their appointments and their deals in Excel, or even with pen and paper. They only keep track of their own prospects. Many companies do not have a sales pipeline. So, you risk sending a quotation to a customer after a successful meeting, but ultimately missing the customer because you forgot to follow up on the quotation. You’re almost done, but because of the lack of a decent digital process you miss out on a customer – and therefore also on turnover.
We pick the low-hanging fruit for our customers. We automate the entire process from lead to customer, and put it into one clear dashboard. This way, as a business manager, you can follow everything from A to Z. How many leads does a campaign produce? How many of those leads drop out along the way? How many become customers? What stage is each lead in? The personnel cost of sales people is very high in many companies. If sales people do not lose time calling leads and recording appointments – which we do – they can focus on what they are really good at. And that is still selling, closing deals.
Measuring ROI to the euro
We bring marketing and sales under one roof. That way, you can make your campaigns much more effective. Imagine that your campaigns for one brand on Facebook and on Google both generate 10 leads, but that 8 of those 10 Facebook leads become customers and only 2 of those 10 Google leads. If you’re purely marketing, you won’t get that information and so you’ll continue to put the same amount of effort into Facebook and Google.
If you also include the sales part and you do get that information, then you can turn the right buttons, redirect your budgets and generate much more turnover.