Most promising web design trends for 2021

January 23, 2021
Landing page and web design trends

What is the impact of the corona crisis on web design? What will work in 2021, or not at all? What do you really need to think about when you’re working on web design in the new year? And which web design trend will really make a difference in 2021?

Here at Immowi, we’ve already done the work for you. From dynamic typography to animation, our in-house designers have scoped out the top 5 landing page and web design trends for 2021 that will help you boost your conversions or you can just let us do the work for you.

1 – Mobile first design

Mobile or responsive design is very important

I notice that many sites are still primarily built for desktop viewing. 

This is very striking. The mobile view is still too often an offshoot of the desktop view. From a design point of view, I understand that this is perhaps an easier choice, but in my view it’s the wrong one.

The number of visitors from mobile is increasing year after year. If you look at the number of first-time visits, the percentage is often even higher. And they say, ‘you never get a second chance to make a first impression’. That is why I always review the mobile version first, when I receive a new project design from our marketing team. In short, mobile
first design will remain an important web design trend in the coming year.


2 – Minimalism

More likely than not, your landing pages are being consumed on the go—on trains, on buses, and in that split second your user is at a stoplight. Pair this with ever-shortening attention spans, and you’ll find that site speed is key to getting your message across quickly. Design will have to adapt to ensure that load times stay low. How do you go about this? By keeping your design minimal (less is always more!), and supplementing the clean layout with unique details—think either small bursts of hand-drawn type and patterns, brief animation, or quick dashes of bright color! Experimenting with new techniques will help your message pop, and let the personality of your brand shine through. At Immowi, minimalism will be the web design trend we want to prioritize for 2021.

3 – Accessibility

Accessibility for all ages will become more important


Accessibility will become an even more important web design trend in 2021. More and more people have grown up with the Internet, but in the meantime they are also getting older. This increases the need for user-friendly websites. Think of a good colour scheme for the visually impaired and the elderly, read-aloud buttons and the possibility for the visitor to enlarge the font himself. This will be very important in the coming year.


4 – Peace and quiet

Anti-design, minimalism and organic design are important web design trends for 2021. These trends all create more calm and orderliness on your pages. This offers the visitor a more pleasant experience. Your visitor stays on the site longer, which is good for SEO. Quietness and clarity contribute to a positive final assessment of your organisation by the visitor.

A clear website that radiates calm is very important for the elderly. Also make sure that a purchase can be made in a few simple steps. Think about clear and well-readable input fields.

5 - Photo and video first

Images in general are becoming increasingly important. If a website lacks good images, it is not a good basis for the design. There are still a lot of websites with bad photos and a lot of stock material.We at Immowi notice that the role of images will become increasingly important. It even forms the basis for your design. You then design the website around it. And with images we don’t only mean photos. Video is also becoming more and more important in order to sell your services or products.


In summary, I would say that the web design trends for 2021 mainly contribute to findability and conversion. In addition, I think that an above-average focus on visually appealing and intuitive is a huge advantage for the different facets of online marketing, especially when your web design is in line with the principles of website usability and the trends of 2021.

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We could make it easy on ourselves and be happy with just bringing in high-quality leads. But it’s frustrating when your hard work doesn’t follow through. Immowi’s great strength has always been that we are very results-oriented. Many marketers have a reputation for selling hot air, because they can’t substantiate their returns. We did that right from the start, and that’s why we were able to grow from one to more than 10 full-time employees in a very short period of time.
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Letting sales people do what they do best
Sales people like to sell, but they thoroughly hate administration. They keep track of their leads, their appointments and their deals in Excel, or even with pen and paper. They only keep track of their own prospects. Many companies do not have a sales pipeline. So, you risk sending a quotation to a customer after a successful meeting, but ultimately missing the customer because you forgot to follow up on the quotation. You’re almost done, but because of the lack of a decent digital process you miss out on a customer – and therefore also on turnover.
We pick the low-hanging fruit for our customers. We automate the entire process from lead to customer, and put it into one clear dashboard. This way, as a business manager, you can follow everything from A to Z. How many leads does a campaign produce? How many of those leads drop out along the way? How many become customers? What stage is each lead in? The personnel cost of sales people is very high in many companies. If sales people do not lose time calling leads and recording appointments – which we do – they can focus on what they are really good at. And that is still selling, closing deals.
Measuring ROI to the euro
We bring marketing and sales under one roof. That way, you can make your campaigns much more effective. Imagine that your campaigns for one brand on Facebook and on Google both generate 10 leads, but that 8 of those 10 Facebook leads become customers and only 2 of those 10 Google leads. If you’re purely marketing, you won’t get that information and so you’ll continue to put the same amount of effort into Facebook and Google.
If you also include the sales part and you do get that information, then you can turn the right buttons, redirect your budgets and generate much more turnover.