9 great ways to increase your sales and convert real estate leads

Modern times, modern sales

Modern times, modern sales

Today’s buyer is more picky, more prudent and more informed than ever before, leaving many firms questioning how to convert these leads. The brief answer to this question, change the focus of your products. Go from selling to solving problems. In this article we will help you improve the design of your website and emails, as well as your phone skills, in order to help you convert sales leads.

Design for the customer

Consumers are constantly connected to the internet which makes it easy to conduct online research on products. About 70 to 90 % of the buyer’s journey is completed before reaching the sales agent. The average user uses 11.4 pieces of material before making a purchase. Therefore, your website is crucial to the buying process.

In order to have the greatest impact, every aspect of your content should be considered carefully in advance. Purchases with a high degree of interaction, like real estate, require informative decisions, so the text should be correct, concise and to the point to educate and empower your client. Images add value and help potential customers visualize your product. While all this is great, at the end of the day you are asking something from the consumer. Make it clear on the website that the prospective buyer should take the next steps: make an order, offer contact information, or go to a shop.

Use visuals

About 65% of the world has been classified as visual learners, so it is no surprise that visual posts have 94% more viewers. But it is not enough to have just any picture on your website, content plays a critical role and should not be forgotten in the process. Using graphs or tables too quickly display the product’s savings and advantages. Adding an autoplay video to the landing page might also be something to take into consideration, depending on the product which may improve the conversion by 31 and 86%.

Offer specials

A special, limited-time offer will give prospects on the fence the push they need. In a poll, almost 7 out of 10 have taken advantage of offers or coupons from marketing newsletters in the past month, demonstrating the potential of a special deal to turn sales leads. In our Immowi Plus mailing campaigns we noticed an increase of leads of 34% when there was a special offer involved.

Teach your audience

The consumers of today are more skeptical and more empowered. They have grown used to being able to easily compare prices and understand the ins and outs of a product before talking to a salesperson or asking for details online. It is therefore necessary to be the one who can educate your prospective customers. Support consumers make their choices by allowing them to properly educate the user through white papers, animations, infographics and other content marketing activities. According to studies, expert content is 38 per cent more effective in purchase considerations than content that is simply branded.

Ask for the next action

Part of the purchase process is to make the details accessible to help potential customers take the next step in the sales process. In particular, for high-ticket products, a call to action on each page of your site encourages the customer to learn more, download a study, or request more information. This dedication is widely referred to as a web-to-lead, and these online connections help to turn leads to sales by showing which leads are ready for the next step and which leads are still in the research phase of the buying process.

Get contact information

You can’t depend on your website alone. Even the best-crafted website has a human touch. At some point in time you will have to them in order to convert the lead. Even in this digital era, the phone is still a critical tool, particularly when it comes to obtaining targeted sales leads for real estate.

It may sound like stating the obvious, but remember to check up on all your leads.  The majority of B2B companies are unable to follow through with 70% of their lead. These include contacts from trade shows, conferences, cold calls, and telemarketing, and account for 65 per cent of their marketing budget. A quick callback within two minutes or less raises the chance of a transaction by four times.

Ask for the sale

Visual material, special offers, and sales enablement are all ways to turn leads into sales, but eventually, after offering a lot of knowledge and help to your potential buyer, you need to ask for the sale. On the page, name the action button “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart” as an invitation to the customer to convert. For well-qualified and targeted leads, take it beyond the digital arena to make a phone call to drive sales forward. Focusing on how you can help the customer has shown to increase leads converting to customers by 70%.

Score your leads

Not all lead should be applied to the sales pipeline. Implement a quality management system by having only high-score leads to and nurturing the others. MyImmowi does this for you and makes it easy to classify them yourself. Qualified leads would have similar characteristics to previous prospects, they should have the correct title, the financial authority and a serious need and desire.

Although about 73% of the leads are not ready for sales, it doesn’t mean they can be overlooked. They’re just not meant to get fair coverage. Nurture leads their decision-making process using an automated system. Emails and information can be quickly submitted using MyImmowi, which handles email promotions and monitors and scores leads for you. After sending a series of details and promotional emails, one or two things will happen: the lead will show more interest or no interest. The lead will demonstrate further interest by requesting more information or downloading free reports, at this time a call to assess interest and timeframe is appropriate. However, if there is no interest in the lead, send a “good bye” email asking the lead to call when there is interest. Sometimes, a “break-up” email prompts action or helps you to purge your email list.

Use these tips to help you improve your lead conversion plan. Many organizations keep wondering, “How do I convert leads into customers?” The solution is twofold: have an integrated website for improved lead monitoring and conversion, and call and score your leads. Your website should feature popular, insightful graphics, have expert guidance, and show the customer the next step they should take. Your website should also have contact details on each page and popular forms for more information.

Are you also looking for help in lead generation?

Then contact us without obligation and who knows, maybe we can also be of added value to you in the further growth of your company?

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Immowi Assistance

There is often an invisible wall between marketing and sales. Companies invest in marketing campaigns to generate leads, but do not take the right actions to turn those leads into customers. To remedy this shortcoming, the strategic online lead generator Immowi is adding a new extension: Immowi Assistance. Until now, we delivered high quality leads thanks to online marketing, but with Immowi Assistance we significantly increase the chance of these leads actually becoming customers. Thanks to this approach, companies that do business with us know how to convert their leads and have a platform where the leads are offered on a silver platter, ready to be converted into valuable customers.
Extremely result-oriented
We could make it easy on ourselves and be happy with just bringing in high-quality leads. But it’s frustrating when your hard work doesn’t follow through. Immowi’s great strength has always been that we are very results-oriented. Many marketers have a reputation for selling hot air, because they can’t substantiate their returns. We did that right from the start, and that’s why we were able to grow from one to more than 10 full-time employees in a very short period of time.
With MyImmowi we just go one step further than what classic lead generators do. We go to the point where a lead becomes a valuable prospect. We help our customers convert their leads into customers.
Entrepreneurial mindset always in mind
MyImmowi builds the bridge between marketing and sales. We Make it as easy as possible for the client to contact the lead. You have to keep them warm. If you let a few days or even weeks pass between the moment a lead shows interest in your product and the moment you contact that lead, you will lose him. Then your success ratio will remain low. So, we try to immediately set an appointment in the diaries of our clients’ salespeople. You have to strike while the iron is hot.
Letting sales people do what they do best
Sales people like to sell, but they thoroughly hate administration. They keep track of their leads, their appointments and their deals in Excel, or even with pen and paper. They only keep track of their own prospects. Many companies do not have a sales pipeline. So, you risk sending a quotation to a customer after a successful meeting, but ultimately missing the customer because you forgot to follow up on the quotation. You’re almost done, but because of the lack of a decent digital process you miss out on a customer – and therefore also on turnover.
We pick the low-hanging fruit for our customers. We automate the entire process from lead to customer, and put it into one clear dashboard. This way, as a business manager, you can follow everything from A to Z. How many leads does a campaign produce? How many of those leads drop out along the way? How many become customers? What stage is each lead in? The personnel cost of sales people is very high in many companies. If sales people do not lose time calling leads and recording appointments – which we do – they can focus on what they are really good at. And that is still selling, closing deals.
Measuring ROI to the euro
We bring marketing and sales under one roof. That way, you can make your campaigns much more effective. Imagine that your campaigns for one brand on Facebook and on Google both generate 10 leads, but that 8 of those 10 Facebook leads become customers and only 2 of those 10 Google leads. If you’re purely marketing, you won’t get that information and so you’ll continue to put the same amount of effort into Facebook and Google.
If you also include the sales part and you do get that information, then you can turn the right buttons, redirect your budgets and generate much more turnover.