Blueprint for Belgian Coastal Real Estate Leads: Immowi’s Proven Method for Real Estate Agents and Project Developers selling real estate at the Belgian coast

Read all about Immowi’s successful case study that unveils the way real estate leads are generated for partners active in Belgian Coastal Real Estate.
Immowi specialises in providing actionable insights and data for the real estate sector, we have fine-tuned a distinct approach tailored for our professional partners—real estate agents and property developers.

In this case study, we will walk you through the core strategy that has proven successful in connecting potential buyers with sellers in the vibrant Belgian coastal market. Our commitment to delivering tangible results has not only empowered our existing partners but also stands as an open invitation for new collaborators to experience the effectiveness of our methods.

Join us as we delve into the heart of our approach, shedding light on the common thread that ties our diverse strategies together. Whether you’re a seasoned professional navigating the coastal market or a newcomer eager to make a mark, this case study is designed to be a practical guide, offering valuable insights that can be applied to elevate your real estate endeavors.

Get ready to explore the efficiency and impact behind Immowi’s approach—a blueprint that has consistently translated into success for our partners on the Belgian coast.

About Immowi International

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Immowi is an organization specialized in generating tailored insights and data for organizations active in the real estate industry.
Namely, real estate agents and property developers. But also insurance companies, stock exchanges, investment funds, …

Which insights & data exactly?

  1. Buyers leads
  2. Seller leads
  3. Market insights

Our approach to real estate lead generation on the Belgian coast centers around a carefully crafted methodology, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness for our professional partners.

The process begins with a comprehensive analysis of the local market, identifying key trends and potential areas of opportunity. By understanding the nuances of the Belgian coastal real estate landscape, we tailor our strategy to align with the unique demands of the market.

This is followed by an analysis of our partners’ current property portfolio.

During this process, the characteristics of their properties and projects in portfolio are broken down by property type (flat, house, etc.), location or location, price, number of bedrooms, living area, etc.

To this, the target group is linked via matching the project or property characteristics with the wants and needs of our leads in our database.

Not every buyer already knows exactly what he / she is looking for

Market analysis and customer analysis were made and the target audience per project were determined.

Now we can start designing the different online campaigns.

These campaigns are not just deployed at the project or property level, but go much further than that.

Why? Because not every buyer already knows exactly what he / she is looking for.
So these people are first funnelled through theme pages, region pages and location pages. Each with their own content strategy.

Example of a theme page:
Real estate on the Belgian coast

Example of a region page:
Properties on the West Coast

Our methodology encompasses targeted digital marketing, leveraging cutting-edge tools to reach potential buyers and sellers at the right moment.
For this, we use our own online channels. Such as landing pages of Immowi, our real estate portal or our content platform

These 3 brands only reinforce the story our partner wishes to bring. Just because we tout them as 3rd person to the wider public.

We don’t stop after the leads are generated.

All successes stand and fall with follow-up. So we set up email campaigns to follow up after we have pushed the leads through to our clients’ CRMs.

By doing so, we make it clear to the lead what the next steps are and check at a later date whether this was done correctly.

This also allows us, on the basis of the responses that come in, to do data enrichment at lead and marketing action level.

Custom approach

From strategic social media campaigns to precision-based online advertising, our goal is to maximize visibility and engagement within the target audience.
Each client, be it a real estate agent or property developer, receives a customized plan that aligns with their specific goals and the intricacies of their offerings.

Leads generated for clients are also owned by the client.

Interested in how this might work for you? Then get in touch with us.

Blueprint for Belgian Coastal Real Estate Leads
Blueprint for Belgian Coastal Real Estate Leads

The success of our methodology is reflected in the tangible outcomes achieved for our partners. Immowi has consistently delivered increased lead generation, driving a surge in qualified prospects for our clients on the Belgian coast. By strategically positioning our partners in the market, we’ve facilitated more meaningful connections between buyers and sellers, resulting in accelerated property transactions.

We also apply a no cure no pay principle here. No leads, are no costs (except for a small service fee). Where we take the advertising risk.

Our data-driven approach has not only elevated the quantity of leads but also enhanced lead quality, ensuring that our partners engage with prospects who are genuinely interested and aligned with their offerings. This precision has translated into higher conversion rates, ultimately contributing to the overall growth and success of our clients.

As a testament to our results, our professional partners have witnessed a notable uptick in property sales, strengthened brand presence, and increased market share. These outcomes underscore the efficacy of Immowi’s tailored approach to real estate lead generation on the Belgian coast.

Anton De Clercq
Founder of Immowi International
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