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The good old sales call and its amazing power in 2021

The power of a good sales call in 2021

Do you find yourself constantly logging into your social media account to see if anything new popped up? Do you think the internet is what keeps us sane, even when we’re not on it? Well have I got news for ya. The world has changed and gone digital! Nope- there’s no more browsing through magazines at a store or flipping channels until something interesting comes along; in this day and age searching online will do just fine.

Long live the internet: with a few clicks you can find the offer of any company. The speed with which search engines like GoogleBingEcosia or Baidu shows us this information is now taken for granted. And we expect the same speed from companies. If we ask a question through the contact form on a company website, we want an answer as quickly as possible or you’ll lose your lead to the competition faster than you think. A quick sales call is the best way to follow up on your lead.

The good old sales call

Reacting quickly is therefore the message. And the best way to do that is an old-fashioned sales call. When you call people up, you can do it more personally than via e-mail or chat. You can go more deeply into the question or application they contacted your company for and you can immediately anticipate other needs they may have. These sales calls usually lead to an appointment. But the goal can vary from booking demos to gathering information or sending out emails.

MyImmowi is an automated system through which the online leads of our customers immediately reach the real estate agent. So, one of the agents can call a real estate lead within 5 minutes. From experience we know that you can convert 80% to 90% of the requests into an appointment, when reaching out to your lead within 2 to max 3 hours. If you wait longer or even a day, you already lower your chances to 50 or 60%.

So, you can increase your conversion from the same number of leads, just by contacting them in time. Not only that, but you build a good relationship with your potential customer right from the start. People react very positively when they get a quick sales call. It leaves a good impression, which gives you an edge anyway, and it makes it easier to build a lasting relationship with that customer.

Why can’t we make an appointment with a certain lead, for example? It could simply be because the lead gave the wrong phone number, or the lead had different expectations about pricing. MyImmowi offers a dashboard with an overview of the leads, classifies them and has different features to qualify and modify each leads, but also let’s you give feedback about the quality. This information is very valuable to us, because it allows us to adjust our marketing strategy for your specific project in order to keep increasing the quality of your leads.

Wondering how to best approach a sales call? Here are a few tips.

the good old sales call

Tip 1: A catchy opening phrase

One of the most difficult things in a sales conversation, especially through the telephone, is the opening sentence. The first impression is decisive for the rest of the conversation, so it is best for the opening sentence to be catchy. Literally catchy, you have to grab the other person by his or her hairs. And what is the secret of a good opening sentence in a sales meeting? It puts the customer first, rather than the salesperson.

People are more interested in something that is about them than about the organisation calling. It sounds logical, almost like an open door, but check for yourself how many times up to now you have started talking about your company, your product or yourself first. And not immediately about the customer/prospect.

Tip 2: The YES-mode

As a salesperson, you should first ask the customer some simple or very trivial questions to which you can quickly and easily say ‘yes’. You are Mrs Petersen? You live in Brussels? Do you ever use a credit card? Even for purchases on the Internet? Are you interested in an offer that gives you an immediate advantage? The aim is nothing less than to put the customer in a positive mood, in a ‘yes’ mode. Then he or she is more likely to say yes to your offer.

Tip 3: Be human

As a telephone salesperson, you must conduct a normal sales conversation with your customer or prospect. You have to listen carefully to what the other person says, react to it, ask questions, gauge reactions and talk lively. Exactly as you would do in a normal conversation. You will then be more likely to win over your customers. And this is especially true if you also radiate enthusiasm.

On the other hand, customers or prospects are not impressed by prescribed scripts or anything that even remotely resembles this. Then the other person at the other end of the line doesn’t feel special, but just number 28 who is called that day.

Tip 4: Smile

People who smile when they talk on the phone come across as friendlier. This is due to the positive chemical reactions that the smile causes in your brain. In this way, you give your conversation partner the sincere impression that you are pleased to hear him. And people who talk on the phone while standing up appear more self-confident than those who are sitting down. People who are seated talk more softly and come across more composed.

The livelier your voice, the more people like it. Even talking on the phone with your hands helps. Scientific research has shown that the voice becomes livelier if you use your hands while talking. Certain words are then automatically accentuated. Some sales people swear by even walking around while calling. This increases the volume of the voice and the movement of the body also provides the necessary liveliness.

Tip 5: Context

When someone calls your company with a complaint, your first priority is to ask the how and why question. How did the problem arise? And why is the customer calling? The most important thing is the context of the question. Only when you know the question behind the question can you offer the right solution. That’s why in many companies you don’t get a menu, but a real person of flesh and blood on the line.

A front-office employee can immediately find out the context of the question, something that a fixed menu can never do. And because the customer then has to be put through to another person, there is still a loss of time and, moreover, the customer is less satisfied.


Good telephone calls begin with good opening sentences. A successful conversation requires a transfer of emotion, the correct context and an enthusiastic ‘yes’ mode. All this can be achieved through a few simple tips. And even if you don’t reach your goal in the first instance – try again!

Immowi Assistance

There is often an invisible wall between marketing and sales. Companies invest in marketing campaigns to generate leads, but do not take the right actions to turn those leads into customers. To remedy this shortcoming, the strategic online lead generator Immowi is adding a new extension: Immowi Assistance. Until now, we delivered high quality leads thanks to online marketing, but with Immowi Assistance we significantly increase the chance of these leads actually becoming customers. Thanks to this approach, companies that do business with us know how to convert their leads and have a platform where the leads are offered on a silver platter, ready to be converted into valuable customers.
Extremely result-oriented
We could make it easy on ourselves and be happy with just bringing in high-quality leads. But it’s frustrating when your hard work doesn’t follow through. Immowi’s great strength has always been that we are very results-oriented. Many marketers have a reputation for selling hot air, because they can’t substantiate their returns. We did that right from the start, and that’s why we were able to grow from one to more than 10 full-time employees in a very short period of time.
With MyImmowi we just go one step further than what classic lead generators do. We go to the point where a lead becomes a valuable prospect. We help our customers convert their leads into customers.
Entrepreneurial mindset always in mind
MyImmowi builds the bridge between marketing and sales. We Make it as easy as possible for the client to contact the lead. You have to keep them warm. If you let a few days or even weeks pass between the moment a lead shows interest in your product and the moment you contact that lead, you will lose him. Then your success ratio will remain low. So, we try to immediately set an appointment in the diaries of our clients’ salespeople. You have to strike while the iron is hot.
Letting sales people do what they do best
Sales people like to sell, but they thoroughly hate administration. They keep track of their leads, their appointments and their deals in Excel, or even with pen and paper. They only keep track of their own prospects. Many companies do not have a sales pipeline. So, you risk sending a quotation to a customer after a successful meeting, but ultimately missing the customer because you forgot to follow up on the quotation. You’re almost done, but because of the lack of a decent digital process you miss out on a customer – and therefore also on turnover.
We pick the low-hanging fruit for our customers. We automate the entire process from lead to customer, and put it into one clear dashboard. This way, as a business manager, you can follow everything from A to Z. How many leads does a campaign produce? How many of those leads drop out along the way? How many become customers? What stage is each lead in? The personnel cost of sales people is very high in many companies. If sales people do not lose time calling leads and recording appointments – which we do – they can focus on what they are really good at. And that is still selling, closing deals.
Measuring ROI to the euro
We bring marketing and sales under one roof. That way, you can make your campaigns much more effective. Imagine that your campaigns for one brand on Facebook and on Google both generate 10 leads, but that 8 of those 10 Facebook leads become customers and only 2 of those 10 Google leads. If you’re purely marketing, you won’t get that information and so you’ll continue to put the same amount of effort into Facebook and Google.
If you also include the sales part and you do get that information, then you can turn the right buttons, redirect your budgets and generate much more turnover.