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What is a Sales Qualified Real Estate Lead (SQREL)?

Sales Qualified Real Estate Lead

A sales qualified real estate lead is a potential client who has contacted you directly about buying or selling their home. The dream right?

They are interested in your services and have either asked for more information or given you permission to contact them again with updates on houses that match their criteria. This means they’re serious about finding a new place to live!

Realtors should always ensure leads are “qualified” before sending any of their information, because not all leads are worth your time. By qualifying them first, you can weed out those people who aren’t serious—saving time and energy for both yourself and the prospective buyer!

In this article we’ll learn you how to qualify these people the right way.

What is a Sales Qualified Real Estate Lead (SQREL)?

A Sales Qualified Real Estate Lead (SQREL) is a real estate lead that has shown (far-reaching) interest in a real estate property or real estate investment of your company and that the sales department can get into contact with.

These real estate leads or potential real estate buyers have shown that they would like to come into contact with the company. This can be done, for example, through:

1. A webinar – Registration plus attendance indicates that the lead is interested in the company, real estate project, a service or an event.

2. Email correspondence – When a white paper or newsletter is sent out that the lead responds to, for example with questions.

3. Filled in a contact form – On your website or real estate project page.

In all cases, make sure that the response is as quick as possible, as this significantly increases the chances of conversion.


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From MQL to SQL or SQREL

Often, a lead is first labelled as MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) and then examined by the marketing department before being handed over to the sales department as SQL (Sales Qualified lead) or SQREL (Sales Qualified Real Estate Lead).

A marketing qualified lead (MQL) is a lead who has engaged with your company and could become a customer if nurtured correctly. An MQL becomes an SQL once they’re ready to talk to the sales team.

Therefore, make sure that the expectations and way of thinking of the marketing and sales departments are aligned. Think about issues such as:

  • Which sources provide the most sales qualified lead real estate leads?
  • Which leads should be followed up directly by sales and which not?
  • What communication resonates best with prospects during sales calls?
  • What factors ultimately lead to conversion, in this case, a sale?
  • When is a lead not qualified for sales?

Based on this, criteria are created that an MQL (marketing qualified leads) must meet before it is forwarded to the sales departement or real estate agent. There are at least two things to take into account:

  • The lead meets the MQL conditions and sales agree with it. We see too much miscommunication between sales and marketing.
  • Sales has the right contact details and other relevant data. The more data or questions a lead answers, the hotter this lead is.

Before the sales department contacts the real estate lead, it is important to identify opportunities using the BANT method. This reveals, among other things:

  • How large the available budget is
  • Whether the lead has the authority to make decisions
  • What needs exist
  • How urgent a solution to the question is needed (timeline).

If the lead does not meet one or more of the BANT criteria, it is important that they are met before sales proceeds.

Follow-up SQREL (Sales Qualified Real Estate Lead)

If all criteria are met, the sales department can continue the process. Make sure that the sales department immediately takes the right steps.

By inviting the lead to a non-binding conversation or site visit, for example, the sales department validates whether the lead’s expectations are being met.

If the lead is real estate investor, real estate buyer or someone with authority to make decisions, sales should see this as an opportunity.

Why do SQLs matter?

Understanding MQLs and SQRELs (Sales Qualified Real Estate Leads) is important for your sales team because the system can save your salespeople time so they spend more of their time selling to the right people at the right time.

At its best, the process of lead scoring and converting MQLs to SQLs gives your sales team more qualified prospects so they’ll have more meaningful conversations and appointments.

Additionally, tracking MQLs and SQLs gives your sales and marketing team insight into what’s working and what’s not — which sources are bringing leads in and how likely are they to convert? Plus, how often is your sales team closing?

The MQL and SQL systems can help you determine how ready a lead is for a conversation. If your company isn’t using this system, you can use it to maximize your sales conversations, so you can make more sales.

Important Conclusion

Do you have no knowledge of how to generate real estate leads in the first place? Let alone nurturing them into a SQREL (sales qualified real estate lead) using the right techniques?

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Measuring ROI to the euro
We bring marketing and sales under one roof. That way, you can make your campaigns much more effective. Imagine that your campaigns for one brand on Facebook and on Google both generate 10 leads, but that 8 of those 10 Facebook leads become customers and only 2 of those 10 Google leads. If you’re purely marketing, you won’t get that information and so you’ll continue to put the same amount of effort into Facebook and Google.
If you also include the sales part and you do get that information, then you can turn the right buttons, redirect your budgets and generate much more turnover.