7 trends for the real estate market in 2021

7 real estate trends of 2021

The corona crisis has proven to be an accelerator for a number of disruptive trends. What real estate trends are we predicting? What changes can you expect in 2021? After an unpredictable year, Immowi dares to predict some important trends. These will define the real estate market in 2021. Some trend movements, such as the […]

PropTech and 7 reasons to be happy about the future

PropTech: What is it?

PropTech is a composite of the words property and technology and is described as follows: PropTech refers to technological applications that optimise or innovate the design, construction, use, valuation, renting and leasing, buying and selling and management of buildings.  Immowi is also considered a proptech company. We developed algorithms and use AI and big data […]

Pandemic hits the Spanish real estate market during 2020

Pandemic hits the Spanish real estate market during 2020

Due to the pandemic and travel restrictions, foreigners have bought fewer properties in Spain in the third quarter of 2020. There is talk of a decrease in Spanish real estate of more than 20%. It is not only the corona pandemic that has caused this decrease, but also the uncertainties surrounding the Brexit, as British […]