Immowi success case: lead generation for a new construction site at the seaside

Immowi success case: lead generation for a new construction site at the seaside

A new construction project for which the first brick has not yet been laid, for which no landing page has yet been created and for which there are still far from potential buyers. In October 2021 Immowi was commissioned to put project West-End, a new construction project near the beach of Westende (Belgium), on the map. The goal: bring in as many leads as possible. With a conversion rate of 4.88%, we achieved remarkable results in less than five months!

A landing page, crucial for lead generation

It’s not unusual for a new construction project to be on the market before the time of sale. Potential buyers get the chance to walk through a model apartment, they get to see plenty of renders or simulations and they are provided with the right information.  

But those potential buyers must also be triggered to ask for more information about that particular new construction project in the first place. That’s why real estate developers usually set up their own landing pages and make their own brochures with all the information bundled together. This can then be used to conduct on- and offline campaigns. 

For the West End project, the real estate agent not only asked Immowi for lead generation, but also for the creation of a landing page. With the branding of the project and the real estate agent himself, the right information sent and the best images and renders, we set to work. 

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A new construction project at the coast: the success factors

A new construction project of which the first brick has not yet been laid; “Who’s buying that?”, you might think. Despite the fact that there is no ‘tangible’ result from West-End yet, the location and affordability of the project have a very beneficial effect on lead generation and sales of the new construction apartments. West-End may be located in a seaside town, but it is still surrounded by greenery. This green environment combined with the beach being within walking distance is undoubtedly one of the biggest success factors. 

In addition, West-End is also built with modern architecture, is not located in the tourist crowded area of Westende and has its own parking.

West-End in numbers

In less than five months Immowi created a brand new landing page, to which we directed 8,231 unique visitors and from which 402 conversions came. A conversion rate of 4.88% that we can only be happy about!

🕐 From October 2021 to early March 2022

💻 8,231 unique website visitors

📃 11,860 page views

✔️ 402 conversions

📲 Conversion ratio of 4,88%

Curious about West-End? Check out the landing page here.