How Immowi uses employees in their multi-channel social media approach

Artificial intelligence to boost online real estate leads

Centralized on its MyImmowi platform Immowi supports your online real estate campaigns and boosts conversion. The company uses employees in their multi-channel social media approach.

“I recommend Willow to everyone” – Anton De Clercq (Founder)

This is not just something Anton says because it’s what we want to hear. He has already connected several of his customers to Willow. Immowi is a data and software company specialized in lead generation for the real estate sector. “As a lead generation company, managing social media is often a drag. Willow is the perfect solution, everything can be easily automated.” And that’s exactly our goal: A consistent social media presence without the headaches. “We have already linked Willow to several customers because we are very satisfied with the way Willow works.” By way of working, Anton mainly means the ease of the platform combined with the collaboration with their coach, Maureen…

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