The advantages of a lead generation formula with a fixed Cost Per Lead (CPL)

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The advantages of a lead generation formula with a fixed Cost Per Lead (CPL)

Aiming for a fixed Cost Per Lead was something Immowi partner Brody, a property developer headquartered in Antwerp, struggled with when setting up and maintaining their SEA campaigns. For this reason, they went looking for help, and they found it at Immowi. Thanks to the fixed CPL formula that Immowi uses, Brody’s marketing budgets are now more under control, their lead generation is up to speed and so they can focus internally on selling their real estate projects, development and marketing. But what does a Cost Per Lead mean? And what is a fixed CPL?

A Cost Per Lead (CPL), what is that exactly?

If you want to grow your business, it is crucial to attract new potential customers. But not every type of customer contributes to the growth of your business. They have to be profitable. And that is not always obvious, because there are a number of factors that influence the profitability of your business. The costs you have to incur as a company to to bring in a potential customer is one of them.

In order to identify and keep track of your costs per potential customer or lead, there are several parameters to consider from a marketing and sales point of view:

  • The Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
  • The Cost Per Lead (CPL)
  • The Lead Value (LV)

The Cost Per Lead expresses how much it costs to acquire one lead. Simply put, it is the average cost incurred per potential customer who comes in. By calculating your CPL, you gain insight into how cost-effective your marketing campaigns are in generating leads. If you compare your CPL with the Lead Value or the value of an incoming lead, you can map out the Return On Investment (ROI) of the investments made in your marketing campaigns. If it is positive, you are doing well!

What is the advantage of a fixed Cost Per Lead?

Calculating your ROI is undoubtedly easier if your costs are (more or less) the same each time. In addition, a fixed cost per lead makes it easier to work out a more profitable strategy. But to tap into a fixed cost and keep it steady requires time and expertise. Need advice on adjusting the cost per lead? Immowi helps you further!

A fixed Cost Per Lead for Brody

Brody also found it difficult to control the cost per lead of their SEA campaigns. Therefore, they started looking for a partner to advise and help them with this. After some research into the right partner, Brody finally ended up with Immowi.

“Thanks to Immowi’s quick response to all our questions and the thorough follow-up of adjustments made to our strategy and our digital campaigns, we have since managed to maintain a fixed Cost Per Lead.”

About Brody

Sometimes you don’t want to compromise. When it comes to your housing dream, for example. When you’re looking for the right flat, the smartest investment or the office space where your business will reach unprecedented heights. Then you want to make a choice you feel good about. Then you don’t want to make any compromises.

And they don’t do that at Brody either: there are certain standards that Brody does not deviate from. The price-quality of their newly built homes, for example. The living areas of their flats, the future-oriented nature of the locations, or the quality of the materials used.

Entrepreneur and visionary Relly Brody knew back in 1996 that investing in real estate was the ideal investment. Since then, Brody Project Development & Investments has grown from a trendsetter to the benchmark in real estate development in Flanders and Brussels. Their team? It currently consists of 23 colleagues, each specialised in their own field of expertise.

Find out more about Brody!

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