Success case part two: lead generation for Second Home Expo

Success case - Second Home Expo

A second residence abroad: Belgians and Dutch are increasingly looking for it. And this is noticeable at real estate fairs and exhibitions for second homes at home and abroad. Interest in Spanish property is particularly high. They also notice this at Immowi partner Second Home Expo. In order to attract visitors to the international fair, which takes place in both the Netherlands and Belgium, Immowi was commissioned to do lead generation for the second year in a row. And with success!

Not yet familiar with Second Home Expo, but interested in buying property abroad? Immowi is pleased to introduce you to its partner for two years now: at Second Home Expo, you get all possible information on the purchase of a second home both at home and abroad. The expo is divided into 6 fairs, spread across Belgium and the Netherlands, where each time around 250 real estate agents and project developers come to present their foreign (new-build) projects and knowledge. Good for some 25,000 foreign (holiday) homes. You will find the answer to all your questions and who knows, the foreign home of your dreams.

A second stay abroad: increasingly popular

Staying abroad is becoming increasingly popular. And not only weather conditions have something to do with this, but investing in a property inland (Belgium or the Netherlands) has become a lot more expensive in recent years. And it doesn’t look like any improvement is on the way.

Interestingly, Spain in particular is doing well as a destination. The many new construction projects and cheap property prices, as well as the nice weather and Spain’s popularity as a travel destination, make Spanish real estate a very interesting investment from which you can get a lot of return (e.g. income from renting during periods when you don’t go to your second residence yourself). Other destinations doing well include France, Portugal and Greece.

Lead generation for Second Home Expo

With fairs in Maastricht, Utrecht and Ghent, the Second Home Expo attracts a lot of visitors every year. To put the fair back on the map in the three cities post-corona, Immowi’s help was enlisted to attract as many visitors as possible to each edition of the fair.

“In the period from March to September 2022, a total of some 1,121 additional duo tickets were sold for the fair in Ghent alone.”

Based on the targeted digital campaigns Immowi set up for the Ghent fair, some 198 new applications were registered for the fair in January 2021. In the period from March to May 2022, there were 449 and in September 2022, 672 applications were recorded. That’s an increase of 249.91% in a year’s time! Something we at Immowi can only be proud of.

And the campaigns for the fair in Utrecht also bore fruit. A first campaign was prepared for them in March 2022, resulting in 222 applications by the start of the fair in May. In September of the same year, Immowi was able to almost quadruple the results, accounting for some 1,073 applications for duo tickets and a growth result of more than 380%.

More qualitative results thanks to more market insights

The remarkable figures Immowi achieved for the Second Home Expo are due to several factors. The main reason is the better and more thorough understanding Immowi gained in the market thanks to the rollout of various campaigns. Other reasons include:

  • The demand for 2nd stays increased
  • The knowledge that Immowi systems gained from the data and could apply to new campaigns
  • An intensified cooperation between Second Home and Immowi

Both Immowi, and Second Home Expo therefore look back on a positive collaboration and are joining forces for only more positive results towards the future!

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