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Putting a real estate start-up on the map thanks to digital campaigns for awareness and lead generation? Together with Top Estate, Immowi worked out the right strategy to boost the start-up in the sale of Spanish real estate and second homes in Spain. Now, barely two years later, Top Estates is working with several sellers in Belgium and on site in Spain, and already has a good number of Spanish sales on the counter.

Less than 3 years ago, Thomas Van Hecke decided to set up Top Estates. He did this on the one hand out of love for Spain and Spanish real estate, and on the other hand out of love for the profession. Thomas already had several years of experience in the specific Spanish property market, but felt that things could be done differently and better. An advantage that should not be underestimated, which ensured that Top Estates had an edge right from the start. But to grow a business in the real estate sector quickly is not easy. For this reason he called in the help of Immowi.

A lead generation approach that works

Growing a start-up in the sale of real estate in Spain takes effort, but above all time. Something they were only too aware of at Immowi partner Top Estates. Still, Thomas and Robine wanted to boost their real estate business from the start, and in Immowi they found the right partner.

When we first got in touch with Immowi, and especially with Anton, it soon became clear that he was the man we needed. Although our briefing was not minuscule, namely to immediately bring in a number of quality leads, Anton immediately thought of the right strategy tailored to Top Estates. Something that made us believe in him in the blink of an eye.

But it was not only Anton’s insights that led to the cooperation. Top Estates first came to Immowi thanks to campaigns it had set up for other partners. A clear proof of the effectiveness of the digital campaigns for real estate.

Digital acceleration

Growing organically by keeping your social media channels up-to-date and filling them with clear but beautiful content is a long-term job. Of course, an online presence is a must, but getting effective results from it in the short term is wishful thinking. Robine and Thomas understood that too.

Right from the start, we wanted to achieve effective results in the shortest possible time. In order to accelerate our business, we knew that we needed a more solid tool than social media posts alone. That is why we opted for a digital strategy, devised and implemented by Immowi.

And that strategy soon proved to have an effect: in no time, investors and interested buyers in the Spanish real estate market, all over Flanders, found their way to Top Estates.

To this day, a good two years after we started, our expectations regarding lead generation have been and continue to be more than met. In addition, our cooperation is running smoothly. Not a single question is too much for Immowi. There is a very quick response to mails, a flexible way of working, they think along about what could work even better for Top Estates, and adjustments to strategy are carried out almost immediately... If you ask us, these are all the right ingredients for a healthy and long-term cooperation.

Action in the spotlight

Curious about the work Immowi did for Top Estates?

Click through on the landing page below and who knows, you might find a (country) house in Spain yourself.
Link: Overview Spanish real estate.

Are you interested in investing in Spanish property? Then Top Estates has something else in store for you: the promotion of June is extended with 1 month.

So if you plan an exploration trip before 31 July 2022 that takes place before the end of this year, the four-star accommodation will be paid for entirely by Top Estates for you!

Talk about a great promotion!

About Top Estates

Top Estates is a recognised and innovative real estate agency that assists Belgian and Dutch clients with the purchase of a property in Spain and is specialised in new-build houses and flats on the Costa Blanca South & North and Costa Cálida.

Their story began barely three years ago with Thomas as founder and manager and in the meantime has grown to a team of seven. So Robine, Danny, Manon, Freddy, Yannick and Niels came on board, who live alternately in Spain and in Belgium. By living and working as much as possible on-site, Top Estates can always offer the best service, from construction to delivery of the property and after sales.

The strength of Top Estates lies in the fact that it is a full team of commercial and administrative profiles. Everyone does what he/she is good at, which means that the client is followed up and guided perfectly.

Would you like more information about Top Estates? You can click through to their website here:

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