Case: Lead generation for Mexico Caribbean Investments

Case Mexico Caribbean Investments

Lead generation for Mexican real estate on the US market: uncharted territory

Selling Mexican residential real estate on the US market: it’s a skill in itself. Yet there appears to be an increasing demand among Americans for both Mexican outdoor residences, and homes to live in permanently. There’s just one problem: those who want to invest in Mexican real estate, stay there long-term or even live there permanently are subject to quite a few rules and laws. And that, for many, is where the story ends.

Stephanie Cooper, managing director of Mexico Caribbean Investments, also experienced it first-hand. “During COVID, I made the choice to leave my familiar surroundings behind and move to Mexico. Playa del Carmen was high on my list. When I got there, it was clear almost immediately: I would not be leaving there anytime soon,” Cooper said. 

In her search for a property for herself, Stephanie Cooper ran into a lot of walls. She experienced how difficult it was to get the right information AND the process of investing in real estate herself also required a lot of energy. “While going through my own, endless buying process, I was struck by how little knowledge we Americans have about the Mexican real estate sector. And the longer the process went on, the more it dawned on me that in figuring out this red tape, there was also a business story. So that was the beginning of Mexico Caribbean Investments as a real estate specialist in the Mexican market.”

Why Immowi International as a partner for lead generation?

Meanwhile, Mexico Caribbean Investments is an increasingly established player in the Mexican real estate market and has a lot more projects in the pipeline. But a growing number of projects also means more need for potential buyers. To bring these in more efficiently and quickly, Mexico Caribbean Investments went looking for a professional external partner. And it found it in Immowi International.

“For me, it was particularly important that my external partner’s way of working would also be compatible with my own workflow,” explains Stephanie Cooper, Founder of Mexico Caribbean Investments. “An expectation that Immowi International fulfilled thanks to the integration of its software and backend into my own, already existing systems. And not only that integration saves time. Immowi International’s full-service approach also ensures that I hardly have to deal with this myself. That, in turn, gives me breathing space to focus on other to-do’s.”

By the way, did you already know that Immowi also works on a ‘no cure no pay’ principle? That means that if the desired objectives are not achieved, the client also does not have to pay financially for a more negative result than expected. “This was also an absolute advantage for Mexico Caribbean Investments. Given that our company is still in the early growth phase, the ‘no cure no pay’ principle still allows us to keep our own costs under control. However, we haven’t had to use that principle yet, as the leads are coming in very smoothly today!” 

About Mexico Caribbean Investments

Mexico Caribbean Investments is run by company director Stephanie Cooper and specialises in assisting (US) investors interested in real estate on the Mexican coast from A to Z. Based on the potential client’s needs, Mexico Caribbean Investments searches for residential properties that meet the standards. 

A permanent residence, a place to hibernate or an outdoor retreat to stay just a few weeks a year? As an American, you cannot simply invest in Mexican real estate, nor is it simple to live there (semi-)permanently. For this reason, Mexico Caribbean Investments supports US real estate investors in the investment – and integration process. That is, they help potential buyers apply for short- and long-stay visas, as well as complete all the paperwork and file it with the right parties. 

Furthermore, Mexico Caribbean Investments unburdens homeowners in terms of property management. Is AirBNB too time-consuming and costing you too much money? Then you can always opt to rent out your property through Mexico Caribbean Investments for a longer period of time. They take care of all the time-consuming activities involved in screening potential tenants, renting out a (holiday) home and the necessary administrative paperwork such as opening Mexican bank accounts and paying Mexican taxes. Their work is exceptionally thorough: they carry out credit checks on potential tenants, as well as checking their (immigration) background and passport details and scheduling a first meeting. Arranging the prepaid deposit is also done through Mexico Caribbean Investments. This way, you as a landlord can sleep on both ears.

Mexico Caribbean Investments is based in Playa del Carmen.

Real estate project in the spotlight

Today, ‘Marila’ is one of the most remarkable real estate projects (new construction) Mexico Caribbean Investments has on offer. 

Marila is currently still in pre-construction and will have a total of some 87 units. Of these, only 23 are available today. The 2-story penthouses are some of the most luxurious you have ever seen. Each has its own private rooftop with outdoor kitchen, has its own swimming pool and two lifts lead to it. Moreover, you will enjoy spectacular views over the ocean. The larger penthouses have 3 bedrooms: 2 on the first floor and one on the second. Two lifts are provided to reach these. Including indoor and outdoor space, each unit is around 306 m2.

Are you curious about Marila? Then take a look at the photos & the project movie or get in touch.

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